DocuSign - How to Create and Send Documents


This article covers how to send a DocuSign envelope.



How do I send a DocuSign envelope?


Step 1: Navigate to DocuSign 

Sign into DocuSign and click the Start dropdown on the homepage > Send an Envelope or click the Manage tab at the top and select New > Send an Envelope.

Step 2: Add Document

Under Add Documents to the Envelope, select Upload and find your document.

Step 3: Set Signing Order

Under Add Recipients to the Envelope, add each of your recipients. After adding, set permissions for each recipient. Be sure to check the box next to "Set signing order" and indicate the correct routing order if you would like the document to send to recipients at different times.

Step 4: Email Message

Under Message to All Recipients, customize the Email Subject and Email Message if desired. Otherwise, leave at default. If sending PARs, be sure to follow the template for the Email Subject field.

Step 5: Advanced Options

Next to Advanced Options, select Edit to update the settings of your envelope if desired. Otherwise, leave at default.

Step 6: Add Fields

Add fields for each recipient. To select a new recipient to add fields for, click the dropdown in the top left corner.

Step 7: Send!

After you have added fields for each recipient, click send! You're done!

Helpful Tips/Best Practices

  1. Do a test send of your document before the actual send to ensure everything is looking and working like expected.
  2. Using DocuSign templates for PARs can help save you time during the sending process.
  3. To view the status of your document, select the Manage tab > dropdown next to your document > History
  4. In Advanced Options, select "Allow Recipients to edit" to allow corrections after sending. These will require approval.
  5. Create an inbox rule and folder in your Outlook for all emails pertaining to your document.
  6. Download each document as it's completed and save to a network drive, Box, or another location.



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