Install R on Mac


Downloadable Guide


How do I install R software on Mac?


  1. Navigate to The R Project for Statistical Computing homepage (
  2. Select download R
  3. Scroll down to the USA section
  4. Select one of the mirror links within the USA
  5. Select Download R for macOS
  6. To determine which download link to select, find out what processor your Mac has:
    • Select the Apple menu (Apple icon)
    • Select About this Mac
    • The Processor line will either show an Intel processor or an M1 (Apple Silicon) processor
  7. Select the link corresponding with your processor
  8. Do you want to allow downloads on "mirror...." Select Allow
  9. Wait for the to finish downloading
  10. Left-click the to start installation
  11. Welcome to the R 4.2.0 for macOS Installer. Select Continue
  12. Important Information. Select Continue
  13. Software License Agreement. Select Continue
  14. To continue installing the software you must agree to the terms of the software license agreement. Select Agree
  15. Standard Install on Macintosh HD". Select Install
  16. Installer is trying to install new software. Enter your Mac password
  17. Select Install Software
  18. Wait for the installation to finish
  19. The installation was successful. Select Close
  20. Do you want to move the "R 4.2.0 for macOS" Installer to the Trash? Select Move to Trash
  21. Launch R from your Launchpad menu or from Spotlight in the menu bar by searching "R"



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