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How do I create a template in DocuSign?


Step 1: Sign into DocuSign

Sign into DocuSign and navigate to your Templates tab.

Step 2: Create a Template

In your Templates tab, click New in the top left corner and select Create Template. Note: Templates and PowerForms in DocuSign require extra permissions. If you do not see the New option in your Templates tab, this indicates you do not have permissions to create templates. To request permissions, please fill out the DocuSign Request to Send Form and specify in the "Describe the document types you will be sending with DocuSign" field that you would like template/PowerForm permissions.

Step 3: Template Name and Description

Enter in a name for your template and a description if desired.

Step 4: Add Documents

Under Add Documents, click Upload and find your document(s).

Step 5: Add Recipients

Under Add Recipients, enter a Role name for each recipient and set permissions for them. Be sure to check the box next to "Set signing order" and indicate the correct routing order if you would like the document to send to recipients at different times.

Step 6: Email Message

Under Message to All Recipients, customize the Email Subject and Email Message if desired. Otherwise, leave at default.

Step 7: Advanced Options

Click Advanced Options to update the settings of your template if desired. Otherwise, leave at default.

Step 8: Add Fields

Add fields for each recipient. To select a new recipient to add fields for, click the dropdown in the top left corner.

Step 7: Save and Close

After you have added fields for each recipient, click Save and Close.

How to Use Your Template to Send an Envelope

  1. In your Templates tab in DocuSign, click Use next to your Template.
  2. Enter in the names and emails of your recipients.
  3. Click Send!
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