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Print Lab

The Print Lab provides services including short-run digital printing, short-run offset, short-run poster and other wide format, address and variable content printing, and large-run offset printing. Complementing these services is a host of document preparation and publication finishing options. Services outside the capabilities of the Print Lab are provided by off-campus printers.

  • Contact Printing Services at 605-688-5111 or email them at

Web Print Services

SDSU offers Web Print services for all students in any of the general use computer labs. It is affordable—only 5 cents for a black and white page and 15 cents for a color page. Front and back printing is available in some locations, as well.

You can print from anywhere to Web Print printers around campus, just make sure you are connected to the SDSUStudent wireless. The mobile print release allows for touch less printing directly from your cell phone.  

Print from printers around campus using Web Print:

  1. Open a Web Browser and go to:
  2. Log in with your MyState Credentials or SDSU email
  3. On the Left Action Pane click on WebPrint
  4. Select the green Submit a Job button
  5. Select the type of print:
    • Black & White Print (single-sided)
      • entprint02\All_SDSU_Secure_BW (virtual) 
    • Black & White Print (two-sided)
      • entprint02\All_SDSU_Secure_BW_2-Sided (virtual)
    • Color Print (single-sided)
      • entprint02\All_SDSU_Secure_Color (virtual) ​​​
    • Color Print (two-sided)
      • entprint02\All_SDSU_Secure_Color_2-Sided (virtual) ​​​​​
  6. Select the green 2. Print Options and Account Selection button in the bottom right corner
  7. Choose the Number of Copies
  8. Select the green 3. Upload Documents button
  9. You can drag files to the web page or click on Upload from Computer
  10. When finished click on Upload & Complete
  11. Go to a printer with a SDSU Print Release Station
    • Printer locations: Union, Library, Rotunda etc.

Option 1:

  1. Swipe or tap your Student ID through the upper left of the keyboard card reader
  2. Select the document you wish to print
  3. Select Print

Option 2:

  1. Download a QR Code reader if your camera on your phone does not read them
  2. Make sure your phone is connected to SDSUStudent wireless
  3. Open your camera or your QR code reader app
  4. Scan the QR code on the printer
  5. Log into Papercut mobile print release with MyState credentials
  6. Select Print Jobs
  7. Select Release to Print 
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