Install SPSS on Windows


How do I install SPSS on Windows with a Premium Authorized User code license?


  1. Refer to the email you received after submitting the request form for the download link.
  2. Important: Download the entire installation folder to your system before running the installation
  3. To begin the installation, right-click the “SS_CLIENT_64-BIT_27.0_M_W_M.exe” file, and select
    Run As Administrator
  4. If you have User Account Control activated, you will be asked to allow the installation. Click Yes
  5. The Wizard Installer of SPSS 27 will display a Preparing to Install.... window. Wait until the
    Wizard is ready
  6. Click Next and accept the license terms
  7. Click Next to install SPSS in the default installation path
  8. Click Install
  9. SPSS 27 will begin to install
  10. At the end of the installation you will get a window asking you to run the License Authorization
    Wizard. Click Finish.
  11. In the License Wizard, select the “Authorized user license” option and click Next
  12. Enter the Authorization code
  13. Click Add (The license will now show in the lower box.)
    • If you have more than one authorization code, repeat the process to activate multiple
      features or modules at the same time
  14. Verify that you get the confirmation of the license and click Next
  15. You can now see the expiration date to confirm the license has renewed for the appropriate term
  16. Click Finish
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