Install SAS on Windows


How do I install SAS on Windows?


  1. Important: Download the entire folder to your system before running setup and extract (unzip) all of the files.
  2. Run the setup.exe file by double clicking it
  3. SAS Deployment Wizard 9.4 will launch
  4. Choose Language - Select a language in which to view the SAS Deployment Wizard. Select OK
  5. Select Install SAS software
  6. Specify the location where SAS software will be installed on this machine. Can use default settings. Select Next
  7. Select Install SAS Foundation and Related Software
  8. Select Next
  9. Select the products you want to install on this machine. Can use default settings. Select Next
  10. Select 64-bit Native Mode
  11. Select Next
  12. Further customize the software by selecting the SAS Foundation products to install. Can use default settings. Select Next
  13. Specify SAS Installation Data File - Specify the full path to your SAS installation data file.
    • If your SAS download came with the appropriate license, the Details of the selected SAS installation data file: field will show a license expiration date in the future. You can skip to step 18.
    • If your SAS download has an out-of-date license file, proceed to step 14.
  14. Select Browse
  15. Locate and select your SID (SAS Installation Data) file. It will be in the location you downloaded it to.
  16. Select Open
  17. The product names and expiration date will be displayed. Check that the expiration date appears correct.
  18. Select Next
  19. Select Clear All
  20. Select Next
  21. Select SAS Foundation (64-bit)
  22. Select Next
  23. Allow Checking System progress to complete and then click Next
  24. Select Start
  25. Allow Deployment to complete
  26. Select Next
  27. Select Do Not Send
  28. Select Next
  29. Select Finish
  30. SAS is now installed
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