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How do I renew my SAS license once I have my SID license renewal file?

Note: Need to renew your SAS license but don't have your license renewal file yet? See the SAS service in the Services catalog.


Note: Before beginning these instructions, please Request SAS to obtain your license renewal file (SID file) in an email
  • SID file - SID stands for SAS Installation Data
  • The SID file is a text file ending in the .txt file extension
  1. Save the license renewal file (SID file) from the email to your computer
  2. Search for the Renew SAS Software application in the taskbar search box or start menu and right-click it and select Run as administrator
    • If you don't see the Renew SAS Software application, navigate to the SAS folder in your start menu and renew the license using the SAS Deployment Manager instead. Right-click the SAS Deployment Manager and select Run as administrator and then select the "Renew SAS Software" option listed under Administration Tasks.
    • To renew the license manually if you don't see any of the above options, open the SID file (.txt license file) and look under the first _ _ _BEGIN_ _ _ section heading. Copy all of the text starting with PROC SETINIT all the way through SAVE; RUN; and paste it into the Editor window. If it copied in correctly, PROC SETINIT and other text will show up in color. Select the Run icon (running person) in the top menu bar. The system should show new dates and the green warning text should be gone after restarting SAS.
    • Don't see the taskbar search box next to your Start button? Hide and unhide your search box in Windows
  3. Select Browse 
  4. Navigate to the license text file and select it
  5. Select Open
  6. Select Next
  7. This page shows you the products you are licensed for as well as the expiration dates. Click Ok
  8. Click Renew
  9. "The setinit was successfully applied." Click OK
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