Install Stata on Windows


How do I install Stata on Windows?


  1. Important: Download the entire installation folder to your system before running the installation
  2. Double click the installation files folder named Stata 17 for 64-bit Windows Installation
  3. To begin the installation, double click SetupStata17.exe file
  4. The InstallShield Wizard will start
  5. The InstallShield Wizard will install Stata 17 on your computer. To continue, click Next
  6. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement
  7. Enter a user name in the User Name field (First name and last name)
  8. Enter South Dakota State University as the Organization
  9. Leave the default Anyone who uses this computer (all users) checked
  10. Select Next
  11. Choose the edition that matches your license. Select StataSE
  12. Keep default Destination folder and select Next
  13. Leave the default Use each user's documents folder
  14. Select Next
  15. Select Install
  16. Please wait while the InstallShield Wizard installs Stata 17
  17. Select Finish
  18. Search for the StataSE 17 (64-bit) application in the taskbar search box or start menu and click it to run it
  19. Enter your license information to initialize Stata/SE for Windows 64-bit x86-64
    • Name: Enter your first and last name
    • Organization: South Dakota State University
    • Serial number: Refer to your license confirmation email
    • Code: Refer to your license confirmation email
    • Authorization: Refer to your license confirmation email
  20. Select Next
  21. Uncheck Register Stata online
  22. Select Finish
  23. Click OK to Check for updates now
  24. Select Install available updates
  25. If it shows An update is available select Yes
  26. Once the update is complete, it will say The update installed successfully.
  27. Click OK
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