Install Stata on Mac


How do I install Stata on Mac?


  1. Important: Download the entire installation folder to your system before running the installation
  2. Double-click the installation files folder named Stata 17 for Mac Installation
  3. Double-click the Stata17.dmg file
  4. Double-click Install Stata
  5. Welcome to the Stata 17 Installer. Select Continue
  6. Software License Agreement. Select Continue
  7. Select Agree
  8. Put a checkmark next to Stata/SE
  9. Select Continue
  10. Select Install
  11. Enter your Mac admin user name and password
  12. Select Install Software
  13. Wait for the installation to complete
  14. The message The installation was successful will display once installation is complete
    • Note: It may be hidden behind the other open windows
  15. Double-click StataSE
  16. Enter your license information to initialize Stata/SE
    • Name: Enter your first and last name
    • Organization: South Dakota State University
    • Serial number: Refer to your license confirmation email
    • Code: Refer to your license confirmation email
    • Authorization: Refer to your license confirmation email
  17. Uncheck Register Stata online
  18. Select Finish
  19. It has been at least 7 days since you last checked for updates. Select OK
  20. An update is available. Select OK
  21. Wait for the updates to complete
  22. The update installed successfully. Select OK
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