Install Project


How do I install Microsoft Project?


  1. Go to or
  2. Select Sign In
  3. Enter your @sdstate email address. Select Next
  4. Enter your @sdstate email password. Select Sign in
  5. If prompted, confirm the Duo push on your phone
  6. Select No when asked Stay signed in?
  7. Select Install and more (drop down menu in top right corner)
  8. Select Install Microsoft 365 apps
  9. Select Install Project in the left-hand column
    • Note: If you do not see Project listed, your account is not currently licensed for it
  10. OfficeSetup.exe will download
  11. Select the OfficeSetup.exe file
  12. If prompted, select Yes to start installing
  13. We're getting things ready
  14. Please stay online while Office downloads
  15. You're all set! Project is installed now. Select Close
  16. Select the Project app in the start menu to start the program
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