Install JMP Pro on Mac


How do I install JMP Pro on Mac?


  1. Important: Download the entire installation folder to your system before running the installation
  2. Open the OneDrive folder
  3. Double-click the JMP Pro 16.1 Mac OS folder
  4. Double-click the JMP folder
  5. Double-click the JMP_Pro folder
  6. Double-click the 16_1 folder (or whichever version you have)
  7. Double-click the Macintosh folder
  8. Double-click the JMP-Install.dmg file
  9. Double-click the JMP Pro 16.pkg package file
  10. Select Continue
  11. Select Continue
  12. Select Install
  13. Enter your username and password for your Mac
  14. Select Install Software
  15. Wait for installation to finish
  16. You have the option to check for JMP software updates or Select Close
    • Note: If you check for updates, see instructions below labeled JMP Software Update Available 
  17. "Installer" would like to access files in your Downloads folder. Select OK
  18. Do you want to move the "JMP Pro 16" Installer to the Trash? Select Move to Trash
  19. Launch JMP Pro by selecting the launchpad icon and then selecting JMP Pro (alternatively, open Spotlight by selecting the magnifying glass icon, or press the command key (⌘) and tap the space bar to open Spotlight and search JMP Pro)
  20. Select Open License
  21. Navigate to your SID - SAS Installation Data file (license file) and select it
  22. Select Choose
  23. Personalize your JMP License. You can leave these fields blank. Select OK
  24. Your license has been accepted. Thank you. Select OK
  25. JMP Pro is now installed
JMP Software Update Available
  1. If you selected Click here to check for JMP software updates when installing JMP Pro you will be taken to a download page
  2. Select Download
  3. Enter your SAS account information to log in or Create profile if you don't have an account yet
  4. Left-click the jmpupdate_1620_mac_pro.dmg update file
  5. SAS License Agreement for Download. Select Accept
  6. Do you want to allow downloads on ""? Select Allow
  7. Wait for the download to complete
  8. This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed. Select Allow
  9. The installation was successful. Select Close
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