Renew SPSS License


How do I renew my expired SPSS license?


  1. Submit a request using the Request SPSS button on the SPSS service page
  2. You will receive an email with your IBM SPSS Statistics Premium Authorized User code along with download and license renewal instructions
  3. Start up SPSS and look for the License Authorization Wizard button in the main screen pop-up window. After clicking the button, skip to step 7. If you don't see the button, follow steps 4 through 6 to start the License Authorization Wizard.
  4. Left-click the Start menu or press the Windows button
  5. In your list of programs, find the folder called IBM SPSS Statistics or SPSS and open it
  6. In that folder, you will see a program called IBM SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard or SPSS License Authorization Wizard. Right-click it and select Run as Administrator
  7. If the system says No licenses found for IBM SPSS Statistics, select Next
  8. Select Authorized user license (I purchased a single copy of the product)
  9. Select Next
  10. In the Enter Code field, enter your Authorization Code and select Add
  11. Select Next
  12. Note if the Authorization has completed successfully. Select Next
  13. Note the Expiration Date and select Finish
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