Install MATLAB on Mac


How do I install MATLAB on Mac?


  1. Visit the SDSU MATLAB Portal
  2. Select Sign in to get started
  3. Enter your Username and password
    • Students use MyState username
    • Faculty and Staff use firstname.lastname
  4. Select Login
  5. To download MATLAB, a MathWorks Account is required.
    • If you need to create a MathWorks account, select Create. Fill out your profile information. Select Create
    • If you already have a MathWorks account, select Sign In. Enter your MathWorks account password and select Sign In
  6. If you created a new MathWorks account, you will see a screen stating Your school's campus-wide license is now linked to your MathWorks Account. Select Install MATLAB in the top right corner. If you logged into an existing account, skip to step 8.
  7. Select Download for MacOS
  8. Do you want to allow downloads on ""? Select Allow
  9. Wait for the matlab_R2022a_maci64.dmg file to download
  10. Left-click the matlab_R2021b_Mac64.dmg file
  11. Double-click the matlab_R2022a_maci64.dmg
  12. Double-click InstallForMacOSX
  13. "InstallForMacOSX" is an app downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? Select Open
  14. Enter your Mac password if prompted
  15. Enter your MathWorks account email address
  16. Select Next
  17. Enter your MathWorks account password
  18. Select Sign In
  19. Select Yes if asked Do you accept the terms of the license agreement?
  20. Select Next
  21. Select license screen is displayed. Leave defaults. Select Next
  22. Confirm User screen is displayed. Leave defaults. Select Next
  23. Select destination folder screen is displayed. Leave default, select Next
  24. Select products if applicable (recommended products are pre-selected). Can leave default to just MATLAB. Select Next
  25. Uncheck Improve MATLAB by sending user experience information to MathWorks. Select Next
  26. Confirm selections screen is displayed. Select Begin Install
  27. MATLAB will being installation
  28. Installation Complete. Select Close
  29. Launch MATLAB from your Launchpad Icon in the Dock by clicking the MATLAB icon or click Spotlight (magnifying glass icon) in the menu bar and search for MATLAB and press Return
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