Install R on Windows


How do I install R software on Windows?


  1. Navigate to The R Project for Statistical Computing homepage (
  2. Select download R
  3. Scroll down to the USA section
  4. Select one of the mirror links within the USA
  5. Select Download R for Windows
  6. Select install R for the first time
  7. Select Download R-4.2.0 for Windows (79 megabytes, 64 bit)
  8. Wait for the R-4.2.0-win.exe download to complete and then double-click the file to start the installation
  9. Select Setup Language. Select OK
  10. Information - Select Next
  11. Select Destination Location. Leave default. Select Next
  12. Select Components. Leave defaults. Select Next
  13. Startup options. Leave default to No (accept defaults). Select Next
  14. Select Start Menu Folder. Leave default. Select Next
  15. Select Additional Tasks. Leave defaults. Select Next
  16. Installing. Wait for installation to complete
    • Note: If the installation stalls, click and drag the top of the installation window around to shake it back and forth
  17. Click Finish to exit Setup. Select Finish
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