Install Toshiba Printer Driver


How do I download drivers for a Toshiba printer?


  1. Find the make and model number of your Toshiba printer (This example will be for a Toshiba e-Studio 457). This can be found on the front of the printer  

  1. Search the web for the make and model number of your printer to find the printer’s driver page or follow this link to Toshiba Printer Drivers

  2. Enter the printer model number in the search field or use the scroll bar to find and select the printer. In this example, select e-STUDIO457

  3. Under the Downloads section on the right side, select e-Bridge Current Drivers

       5. Find and select the option containing "PCL" (Printer Command Language) in it and select Download 

  • For example: Windows E-Bridge Universal PCL 2

       6. Left-click to open the downloaded file in the bottom left   

       7. Using File Explorer, extract the files by:

Case 1: Left click on the zipped folder. Locate and select the Extract All option at the top of the window in

the Compressed Folder Tools tab

Case 2: Right-click on the zipped folder and select Extract all... 

       8. Copy the destination address using CTRL+C and save it somewhere you can reference in the following steps and

select Extract

       9. Follow this link to finish connecting the printer: Connect Networked Printer (Windows)

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