How to Use Remote Desktop


How do I use Remote Desktop on Windows?


First, set up the PC you want to connect to so that it allows remote connections:

        1. Obtain IPv4 address

        2. Obtain Computer name

        3. Disable Sleep

        4. Disable Hybrid Sleep

        5. Turn off Power Saving on the network adapter card

To find the IP address:

  1. Search cmd in the Windows search bar in the bottom left corner of your desktop and open Command Prompt
  • Don't see the search bar? Right-click in an open area on the Windows taskbar > Search > Show search box

        2. In the command prompt, enter ipconfig \all

        3. Under a header named Ethernet Adapter, find the IP address to the right of IPv4 Address

To find the Computer name:

        1. Open File Explorer by selecting the icon on the Windows taskbar or using Windows logo key + E on your


        2. Right-click on This PC

        3. Select Properties

        4. Under Device Specifications, the computer name is listed as the Device name

To disable Sleep:

        1. Right-click an open area on the desktop

        2. Select Display Settings

        3. Select Power & Sleep

        4. Under Sleep, select Never to indicate

To disable Hybrid Sleep:

        1. While still in Power & Sleep settings, select Additional power settings on the right side

        2. Under Preferred plans, select Change plan settings

        3. Select Change advanced power settings

        4. Toggle down Sleep and Allow hybrid sleep and confirm it is set to Off

To turn off Power Saving:

        1. Right-click the Start button on the left side of the Windows taskbar

        2. Select Device Manager

        3. Toggle down Network adapters

        4. Right-click the Network Card 

  • To find the Network Card, look for an option containing common manufacturers like "Intel" or terms like "Network Connection"

        5. Select Properties

        6. Select the Power Management tab

        7. Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

        8. Select Ok

Next, on the off-site computer you are connecting from:

  1. Search Remote Desktop Connection in the Windows search bar in the bottom left corner of your desktop and Open it
  • If you are connecting to your Windows 10 PC from a Mac, you need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from Apple's App Store

        2. If you want to be able to use all of your monitors for the remote session, select Show Options

        3. Select Display

        4. Check the box next to Use all my monitors for the remote session

  • NOTE: You must be connected to VPN to use Remote Desktop Connection. To connect to VPN, follow the steps in VPN Installation
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