Crestron AirMedia Connection Instructions


This article is to instruct users on how to connect wirelessly to the Crestron AirMedia system.



How do I connect wirelessly to display my computer?


To connect wirelessly you will need the Crestron AirMedia application on your laptop/mobile device. It can be downloaded directly from the device by putting the IP address shown at the top or bottom left of the screen(e.g. into the address bar of a web browser or from; scroll toward the bottom of the page you will see a table with links to the application. Choose the guest application compatible with your laptop OS.

For mobile devices, please go to your app store and search for “Crestron AirMedia”.

Once installed, open the application, click connections and select connect.

Enter the IP address shown on the top or bottom left of the display (e.g., click connect. A new dialog will start asking for the access code. Enter the access code shown on the top or bottom left of the display. This will connect you to the display and you are ready to go.

On mobile devices, you may be asked to start casting/using airplay to connect from here.

Please remember to disconnect / close the Crestron AirMedia application when you are done. This ensures you will not continue displaying your device on the display once you leave the room.



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