Instructions for Using Crestron Touch Screen Panel


How to display my content on the classroom display


Press the icon corresponding to the source you want to use; the display will then power on.

 picture of crestron classroom controls panel

PC - press the PC/Computer button on the touch screen.

VGA- Connect the 15-pin VGA cable between your laptop and the input port on the podium.

-Connect the 3.5mm audio cable between the laptop and Computer Audio Jack on the podium

             - press the VGA button on the touch screen.

HDMI - Connect your HDMI capable device to the HDMI cable

            - press the HDMI button on the touch screen

Wireless –  Press the button labeled Wireless and follow the instructions for Crestron AirMedia to connect without wires.

Document Camera - press the DOC CAMERA button on the touch screen

DVD/Blu-Ray Player - press the DVD/Blu-Ray button on the touch screen

Hide Image - this will blank the display so that your content will not be seen in the classroom. 

                  - press again when it says Show Image to show your content once again.

Speaker Volume- To adjust the speaker volume, press the UP and DOWN buttons under the Volume section. Alternatively, the up and down arrows on the side of the screen.

- If the MUTE button is RED or has a red line through the speaker, the volume is muted.  Press the MUTE button again or increase / decrease the volume to unmute.

          - Sound will follow the Source you last selected

If there is a microphone in the room, the main volume controls microphone volume.

If there are ceiling microphones the Ceiling Microphone button will turn them on and off.

Press the OFF or Shutdown button to turn off the display.

NOTE:  The touch panel may go blank after 5 minutes.  This is to prevent the image from burning into the screen. Press anywhere on the touchscreen to bring the display back. 

For issues getting your display or sound to work contact SDSU Classroom Technology Services 605 688 4587

For PC or Login issues please contact the SDSU Support Desk 605 688 6776

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