Classroom Technology

How-to guides and troubleshooting steps for technology used for classroom presentations, conference rooms, and videoconferencing needs.

Articles (11)

Accessing Classrooms via Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Accessing South Dakota State University's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Audio Issues with the classroom PC

If there is no sound or sound is very quiet follow this guide to get it fixed.

Controlling the volume of microphones in the classrooms

How to adjust the volume for the SDSU classroom microphones

Crestron AirMedia Connection Instructions

This article is to instruct users on how to connect wirelessly to the Crestron AirMedia system.

Instructions for Using Crestron Touch Screen Panel

Basic instructions for using Crestron based classroom controls

Multiple Cameras or How to share the Document Camera in Zoom

Instructions for sharing an additional camera in your Zoom meeting

Using Zoom in the SDSU Classroom

Instruction on how to use Zoom in the SDSU Classrooms

Zoom H.323 Connection Info

This article walks you through connecting an H.323 codec to a Zoom Meeting and Unmuting the Zoom microphone.