Using Zoom in the SDSU Classroom


How do you use Zoom in SDSU Classrooms?


Note: These instructions assume you have previously setup your Zoom Meeting in D2L, Outlook, or the Zoom application.

  • Start the classroom system as normal or follow the directions on the Podium.
  • Log in to the Classroom PC
  • Log in to the Zoom Application and start you Zoom Meeting.
  • The default devices should be: (Depending on the room you will have one of the following options for each device.)
    • Camera: "NewTek NDI Video" or "Blackmagic Web Presenter"
    • Speaker: "Default Audio"
    • Microphone: "Shure MVi", “Microphone (Q-SYS Core110f Sound Card)”, or "Blackmagic Web Presenter"
  • Use the Camera remote to aim the camera. For detail info on controlling the camera refer to: Using The Rear Camera In General Classrooms

Camera Remote Visual

  • You must use one of the wireless microphones (Lapel or Handheld) in the black microphone bags.
  • In Zoom, Click Record, select “Record To The Cloud” to record your class:

Zoom Application Record Options

  • Click Stop Recording to stop the recording and close Zoom:

​​​​​​​Zoom Stop Recording Visual

  • Turn off the microphones and return them to the black microphone bags.
  • The recorded video will show up in Panopto after processing @

Any issues please first Log out and log back in. Please do not turn off the PC.

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