Using The Rear Camera In General Classrooms

You must point the remote at the front of the camera, the camera is usually located opposite the main display.

When pressing any button on the remote, make sure the white button marked "1" flashes red.

Press the numeric black buttons for camera angle presets.

  • Preset 1 is the front of the room
  • Preset 2 is zoomed in on the podium
  • Preset 3 is focused on a section of the whiteboard
  • Preset 4-9 can be made into different presets
    • to set presets, press the "Preset" button by the arrow keys, then press a numeric button to save it
    • Keep in mind that any other person is able to set a preset and may overwrite yours.

You can adjust the camera independent of these presets using the arrows and zoom controls on the remote.

Please do not turn off the camera unless instructed to do so.

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