Accessing Classrooms via Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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VDI Introduction

At South Dakota State University, one option to access enterprise systems off-campus is through our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Employees and Students will sign in to VDI using a client called VMware Horizon and will be assigned a virtual desktop that allows access to lab computers, as well as commonly-used software packages such as Office, Notepad, and others.

VDI Client Setup

To access VDI, visit From this site, you can download the VMware Horizon client, which is the software necessary to establish a connection to SDSU's VDI infrastructure and be assigned a virtual desktop. On this page, click "Install VMware Horizon Client". You will be brought to the VMware downloads page where you can choose the appropriate client for your operating system. Follow the instructions to download and install the VMware Horizon Client.

If you are at a shared computer, or don't want to install the VMware Horizon Client on your computer, you can aslco click on the "VMWare Horizon HTML Access" on the main page.  Regardless of which you choose, the steps below will be the same.

Accessing VDI

Once the VMware Horizon client has been installed, open the client. Add if it is not there already. Double-click this and you will be brought to a sign-in page.

You will be presented with a login screen. Enter your username and password.

At the next screen, enter the number 1 in the field, and click login.

Once you click Login, you will be sent a Duo Push. Accept the Duo push on your phone and you will be given the option of which virtual desktop you have access to.

Connecting to a Virtual Desktop

Double-click the Gen Lab button, or another specific lab to be directed to that lab's computer.  Once the client loads your session, you will be presented with a virtual desktop that you can use to connect to enterprise services such as file shares and InsideState forms.

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