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How do I connect to a Zoom Meeting from a Polycom codec?


*Note: For the easiest connection experience make sure the meeting is setup with “allow join before host” checked and “mute participant upon entry” unchecked.

To connect to a Zoom meeting, start the room system in VIDEOCONFERENCE MODE using the computer control application or the touch panel screen.

 Control Surface Mode Select Screen


To dial, press the DIRECTORY button on the dial screen, navigate using the arrows and circle (Select) to the SDSU folder on the TV display. Navigate to “Zoom US East” or “Zoom US West” at the bottom of the list.

Control Surface Videoconference Setup Screen

Press the CALL button

Once connected to Zoom, you will see a prompt on the display to enter the Meeting ID. On the control screen, press # to enter DTMF mode on the codec and enter the meeting ID (10 or 11 digit number) and then # again to Join.

Zoom Meeting ID Screen


If there is a Mic Muted IconMic Muted Icon in the top right corner of the TV screen. Press #, 1, 2. The Mic Muted icon should disappear.

Mic Muted with 1 participant(Only person in the Meeting)


Mic Muted with more than 1 participant(More than 1 person in the Meeting)

Now press the BEGIN button on the control screen to start the meeting.

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