Audio Issues with the classroom PC


There is no sound or sound is very quiet from the classroom PC


  •  Make sure the volume on the PC, or in You Tube is turned up. Turn the volume up on the control panel.

 Red button with the words Audio MuteSpeaker icon with a red line through it with the word Muted underneathSilver box outlined in red with the word Unmute outlined in red for Audio Mutedred box with text "AV Mute" for Audio / Video Mute



  • Make sure the volume is not muted on the classroom control panel. Check that “A/V Mute” / "Audio Mute" is not flashing or highlighted.
    • If it isn’t, hit “A/V Mute” / "Audio Mute" / ”Mute”, the screen may go black, then hit A/V Mute again. Is there sound now?
  • In multiple projection rooms the last source pressed is the one that will supply audio. Press the source sound is desired from again. 
  • Open sound under the PC control panel or right click on the speaker in the bottom right corner and select soundsselecting the sounds option after right clicking the speaker icon
  • . There should be at least one output device. It will most likely be an HDMI output named "Default Audio". Right click this to set as default, a green check will appear. 

the playback tab of the sounds property panel

  • If there are multiple HDMI outputs, right click on one of the options and select "Test".Selecting the test option for audio devices
    • Do this until the sound is output through the speakers in the room. 
    • When the correct device is found, right click and select "Set As Default Device"selecting a devicee to be the default audio device
    • If there is no HDMI output and no sound from the speakers, call CTS to get it fixed.  

If none of these resolve the problem call Classroom Technology Services @ 605 688 4587(if you get voice mail hit 0 for immediate assistance) 

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