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What is it?

MyState is a one-stop, single sign-on destination for South Dakota State University's internal community of students. The portal integrates academic and student services in a single connected environment, aggregating and personalizing information from a range of sources, and simplifying access to commonly used or frequently searched for information, applications and systems. MyState is a central hub of information for students. Here students can: Change their contact information (address, secondary email) Purchase parking passes Add Hobo Dough Register for classes Apply for Housing See their class and final schedule. Pay their fees (SDePay) Purchase parking passes Add Hobo Dough

Log In Credentials: Students: jacks email ( Password: same as your Jacks email If user doesn't have access to MyState anymore but needs access to finish filling out graduation information have the user contact their advisor or department head. The student's advisor/department head will then contact records to add them to a manual list. Graduation Form If you are trying to access their graduation information on MyState and you receive an error… you will need to reset your password. Log out completely, reset their password, then log back in and now you should be able to access the graduation information. If you have already left the university and are no longer enrolled in classes, but need to fill out a graduation request form, you will need to contact the Records and Registration office.

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How much does it cost?

There is no charge for this service.


Contact the Support Desk by email or phone (688-6776) or in person in Morrill Hall Room 131

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