Important: October 2023 - The latest software update for JMP Pro is now available. JMP Pro 17.2 includes important bug fixes and enhancements that you'll want to have installed. If you have JMP Pro 17 installed, an updater for JMP Pro 17.2 is available by requesting JMP Pro again using the Request JMP Pro button on the right. You will receive an email with the link to download the updater. If you are installing for the first time, a JMP Pro 17.2 installer is provided in the email you receive after requesting JMP Pro.

What is it?

JMP Pro is a data analysis tool that helps you tackle your routine and difficult statistical problems through data visualization and statistical modeling.

Who can use it?

Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, Students

Where can I get it?

  1. Submit a request using the Request JMP Pro button
  2. You will receive an email with a link to download your license renewal file (SID file) along with software download and license renewal instructions
    • SID stands for SAS Installation Data. JMP is developed by the SAS Institute.
    • The SID file is a text file ending in the .txt file extension

How much does it cost?

No charge.

The Division of Technology and Security currently pays for this software and provides the licenses. This is subject to change. Ample notice will be given if budgetary changes result in the need for chargebacks.


How do I install JMP Pro?

Install JMP Pro on Windows

Install JMP Pro on Mac

How do I renew my JMP Pro license?

Renew JMP Pro License

When does my JMP Pro license expire?

JMP licenses expire every year on December 14th.

Unable to save PER file to specified location Error

If you see the error: Unable to save PER file to specified location, please see article Unable to Save PER file in Specified Location or JMP Licensing Blues, Part 2: Unable to Save PER File to Specified Location

Error While Processing JMP License File

Typically, when a user gets the error message “Error While Processing JMP License File,” it is because of one primary reason – version mismatch. For example, if you attempt to apply a JMP 12 license file to JMP 13, the JMP software will realize that this is the wrong license file version and issue the warning: “Unable to process JMP license file.” It is also possible to get this error if you have a JMP 13 license file for JMP 13 software, but the operating system is for Mac and you are on Windows.

See articles JMP Licensing Blues, Part 1: Error While Processing JMP License File

Policies and Guidelines

SDSU Policy 5:35 - Purchasing Policy

SDSU Policy 7:5 - Acceptable Use of Information Technology Systems

SDSU Policy 7:12 - Technology Purchases

SBBOR Policy 4:48 - Export Controls

SDBOR Policy 7:6 - Technology Purchases

SDBOR Policy 7:7 - Personally Identifiable Information

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