Support Desk Loaner Device Request Form

What is it?

Requesting a loaner laptop is a service provided by the SDSU Support Desk.  There are 3 instances where a request will be granted and a loaner laptop issued for a 2 week basis. 

These instances are:

1)  Your current device is at the Support Desk for repair
2)  You have ordered a new device and it has not arrived yet
3)  Your device is at a 3rd Party repair center. 
4)  I will be traveling Out of State/Country
5)  I will be working remotely for a brief time.

STUDENTS:  If one of the choices above do not fit your reason for requesting  a loaner, please visit the Library or Student Union Information Exchange desk to request a device.

EMPLOYEES:  If one of the choices above do not fit your reason for requesting a loaner, please visit with your supervisor for assistance on acquiring a state-owned device for your work.


Who can use it?

Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, Students

Where can I get it?

Devices approved to be loaned can be picked up in Morrill Hall Room 131 after you have received notice that it is ready for pickup.  You will be asked to provide proof of identification upon pickup.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for this service.


These devices will be loaned out initially on a 2 week time period.  Should the 2 weeks becoming to expiration, please reach out the to the Support Desk by stopping at Morrill Hall 131 or calling 605-688-6776 to provide a reason for the extension and we can extend the expected return date.

Policies and Guidelines

I understand by checking out this system I will not alter it in any physical way.

I understand that by checking out the system I am responsible (through my department if employee) for paying for any repairs or damages that occur to the system while I have it checked out. (No greater than $1500)

I understand that if the system gets lost (or stolen) during the period I have it checked out I am responsible (through my department if employee) for paying the replacement price of the system.  (No greater than of $1500)

I understand that once I check the system back in my data will no longer be recoverable.

Use of this loaned device must follow the South Dakota State University approved technology and security policies.  
View policies at

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