DUO Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the Frequently asked questions about Duo?


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Duo:

What is Duo?

Duo’s two-factor authentication stops unauthorized users, even if they have your password, by making you confirm you are who you say you are with the device of your choice.

How does Duo work and keep you safe?

It protects your accounts from potential hackers. Think of your accounts as a sold out university event that you’ve bought a ticket to — with Duo, there’s security at the door checking for a second form of ID to keep out the riff-raff, even if they have stolen your ticket. 

What’s the catch? Will Duo drain my data plan?

Duo’s job is simply to protect you. We won’t drain your data plan. Duo users typically log in 1 to 2 times a day, using about 60kb per month (a very minuscule amount).

Can Duo or my company spy on me or remotely wipe my phone? 

No. Duo can’t see your emails, location, or browsing history. We only send notifications with your consent.

Why does Duo need access to my phone’s camera?

Duo only needs your camera during enrollment to scan an on-screen QR code to verify that it’s your device.

Why Duo? 

We recognize new apps can create as many problems as they solve. That’s why Duo is designed to be safe and simple – by adding just one tap to how you log in.

Who can use this software? 

SDSU students, faculty, and staff can use Duo. Duo is available to present students, future students who have been admitted, faculty and staff. It’s currently not available to retirees, past employees, or alumni.

Is there a cost to use Duo? 

If student or employee does not use their phone, then a key or token will need to be purchased at the book store.

Is Duo mandatory? 

Starting the week of Dec 2, 2019, Duo is required for employees to access MyJacks Card. Early 2020 it will be required to access email and Office 365.

Will South Dakota State University provide funding to faculty/staff for the use of their personal smart phone devices?

The University is not providing funding for this incidental use. Keys and tokens will be available for department purchase in the bookstore soon.

What can I use if I don't have or prefer not to use a personal device?

If you prefer not to use a personal device, please work with your supervisor on purchasing a key from the bookstore.

Can I use Duo without using wifi or cell data? 

Yes, if you don't have your phone or internet/cell service, you can use a bypass code. If you haven't generated bypass codes ahead of time, contact the SDState Support Desk.

Why don't I see notifications from Duo? 

You may have the Duo app set to not allow notifications on your phone. Check the app settings to make sure that push notifications are allowed for Duo.

Why do I have a blank or flashing screen? 

Older versions of Chrome may prevent the Duo interface from loading. To fix this problem, try installing the most current version of Chrome. 

Why aren’t the Security Key and Touch ID options available?

You must use Chrome or Firefox browsers to add these devices to your Duo account.

What if my phone cannot update to the operating system Duo requires? What are the Phone requirements for using Duo?

Phones like iPhone 5 or older may not be able to download the operating system. In that case, a key or token is recommended. For Android phones visit https://help.duo.com/s/article/1872?language=en_US

What are the Phone requirements for using Duo?

 For Android phones minimum requirements visit the DUO Support Android page at https://help.duo.com/s/article/1872?language=en_US

For iOS phone requirements go to the DUO Support IOS page at https://help.duo.com/s/article/1871?language=en_US














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