Duo two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your online accounts.

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Add a Secondary Device or Manage Existing Devices in Duo

If you have a device that is currently enrolled in Duo and is working, you can add a secondary Duo device or manage your existing Duo devices

Check If You Are Enrolled in Duo

You are not sure whether your account is enrolled and protected by Duo and want to check

Download Duo Mobile

How to download Duo Mobile to your phone

DUO Frequently Asked Questions

This article tackles the Frequently asked questions about Duo to help users get a better understanding.
Duo provides an additional authentication step to help improve secure accounts.

Enroll in Duo Mobile

When logging into email or D2L, your account says “Begin Setup”

For security reasons, we require additional information to verify your account

Your account is protected by Duo (two-factor authentication) and you will need a device enrolled in Duo to authenticate when accessing your account.

My Phone is Not Compatible with Duo Mobile

How can I authenticate with Duo if my phone is not compatible with Duo Mobile?

Student Email Accounts Microsoft MFA Instructions

This article covers how to set up MFA. Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) creates an additional layer of security when logging into your Microsoft Office 365 account. This additional security is associated with something in your possession, such as a personal smartphone, that would be unavailable to someone who gained access to your Microsoft Office 365 account.

Use Duo While Traveling Internationally or with an International Cell Phone Number

You are living or traveling outside of the U.S. and need to authenticate with Duo to access your account

Using a Duo Hardware Token and Where to Buy One

How to use a Duo Hardware Token and where to buy one