Add a Secondary Device or Manage Existing Devices in Duo


If you have a device that is currently enrolled in Duo and is working, you can add a secondary Duo device or manage your existing Duo devices.

If you do not have a device that is currently enrolled in Duo or is not working, please see the article Reactivate Duo on Your New Device

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  1. Go to using the incognito/private browser mode. Sign in with your SDState email and password.
  2. Do NOT authenticate with Duo. Instead, click on Settings in the top right corner of the login box, and select Add a new device. (Note: You may need to click Cancel before accessing the settings menu if your account is set up to send an automatic push.)
  3. Approve the Duo Push on your phone or Enter a Passcode from the Duo Mobile App
  4. You can now select the Gear icon to reactivate a device, change the device name, add another device, or configure your default device and the action Duo will take when you log in (e.g. Automatically send this device a Duo Push or Ask me to choose an Authentication method)
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