Konica Minolta Printer Department Code


How do I configure Department Codes on a Konica Minolta printer on Windows?


  1. Search Control Panel in the Windows search bar in the bottom left corner of your desktop and open it

    •   Don't see the search bar? Right-click in an open area on the Windows taskbar > Search > Show search box

  2. Select View devices and printers in the Hardware and Sound category
  3. Locate the printer you are configuring a Department Code for in the list of printers (e.g. KONICA MINOLTA C360iSeriesPCL SP)

  4. Right-click the printer

  5. Select Printing Preferences

  6. Select the Basic tab at the top

  7. On the right hand side, select Authentication/Account Track

  8. Enter a Department Name (e.g. FinAid)

  9. Enter your Department Code. This usually consists of 3-4 digits

  10. Select Verify

  11. Verification has succeeded. Select Ok

  12. Select Ok

  13. Select Apply

  14. Select Ok

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